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When did you start playing Clash Of Clans?

When did you start playing Clash Of Clans?

Share your favorite memories below too!

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  1. BlackDeadHeart

    Fav memories is pretty much always in global chat. Meeting new people and seeing how they clash and what they do in their spare time. Plus switching to Norsk was always fun. Of course friending and clan tag weren’t a thing that early on for global chat, but it was still fun coming into a chat to see what they were discussing.

  2. HumanAd8401

    What if we took a big break..

  3. Aggressive_Video_247

    Still mad about never getting the first christmas tree I started playing a few months after it came out

  4. quinny7777

    I started November 2012, back when you could sell buildings and there were no leagues. There was also no clan wars and there was no village edit mode or base links (you had to rearrange your layout manually, including every individual wall piece). TH sniping and DE storage zapping were viable farming strategies that have since become obsolete. TH9 was the highest town hall back then. The game has grown a lot since then, never thought I would still be playing 9 years later…


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