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Wait what? How?

Wait what? How?

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  1. Natural-Woodpecker-5

    The inferno refuels every time you go online, if you leave coc for too long it runs out of power, and stops working until you come back online. Same with xbows and the eagle artillery (and maybe scattershots i dont remember)

  2. Altruistic_Trash_500

    The inferno tower ran out of dark elixir ammo.

    Every time you log on, the base refills the defenses and traps that use resources. but if you don’t log on enough, the ammo supply can run out before reloading.

    The inferno tower is actually the only building that can run out *during a battle,* with all other reloadable defenses lasting over 3 minutes while the inferno tower lasts a little over 2 minutes.

  3. ROCKY_southpaw

    It’s a dead base. Owner hasn’t been on for awhile so the inferno ran out of power.


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