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Newbie here!

Newbie here!

Hi guys, I just started playing 4-5 days ago and am currently at 645 trophies. Does anyone that is experienced have any general tips about the game? I am TH4 by the way.

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  1. Halbert-

    The next button is your friend.

    Hit bases with tons of loot that you can get. Skip the bases without much loot or loot to tough for you to take.

    Lab work takes longer than everything else. If you plan on maxing it’s a good idea to always keep the lab going.


    Good Luck.

  2. Jesus_died_for_u

    Don’t spend gems on anything else until you have 5 builders.

    Defend defenses first, before collectors and storages. (Edit: Upgrading is fine, but in lower levels you do not have enough walls to protect everything. All defenses destroyed? Then it don’t matter if the loot is behind walls…much. But if the defenses are protected the attacking troops get picked off and maybe saves more loot)

    Raid for loot, not trophies (don’t matter if you lose, if you fill your storages).

    Keep those builders working.


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