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[MISC] Ive made an Android app for tournaments in Clash of Clans

[MISC] Ive made an Android app for tournaments in Clash of Clans

Some of you might already know or use my app called [War Report]( that shows you information about ongoing clan wars and the Clan War League.

Now I’ve released another cool app that helps you manage tournaments in Clash of Clans: [Clash Brackets]( My server fetches war results of all teams in your tournament and automatically updates the tables and brackets every few minutes. **It’s completely free** for organizers and players. I do this as a hobby and to learn how to create mobile apps. 🙂

The app is available for Android (Early Access) and I’m **working on an iOS app** at the moment. This will take a few months though because I’m doing it in my spare time. My plan is to have an iOS app in October this year.

If you want to know more about this project or even use it for your own tournament, please join my Discord server. Thank you for your time.

[Screenshots of the app](

Discord Servers:
[Clash Brackets](
[War Report](

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