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What should I upgrade next(as a new th11)

What should I upgrade next(as a new th11)

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  1. dabestindaworld9735

    Currently building Xbow and eagle

    Upgrading king cc and lab

    Everything th10 max aside from the new walls and king

  2. wammyeats

    Build everything
    Upgrade everything that takes like no time
    Go for the storages
    The storages count

  3. sleep_jpg

    Air defense, you should expect alot of edrag spam and air attacks

  4. MaskedPilot10

    It’s best to buy traps cause no build time then my general rule I like to follow is finish elixir upgrades first

  5. ConclusionWhich4960

    I just recently maxed my th10 and ive been told to not get the Eagle Artillery and Warden. my clan said to max out walls and troops first as they dont make ur base have a higher defense level in match making and it get the hardef parts done making everything else a breeze. (except heroes ofc)


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