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Im trying to become unrushed, yall got any advice

Im trying to become unrushed, yall got any advice

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  1. Jesus_died_for_u

    There nothing magical. Just upgrade. Getting a fifth building would be good but you have a lot of obstacles to clear to get enough gems

  2. natedeezy69

    Max troops first. Then farm cheap until your caught up.

  3. ChristmasTree1432

    Don’t forget barracks are important. **Very Important**

    Upgrade your air defenses as well. Most people use Dragons

    Also upgrade all your point defenses. Sweepers , archer towers , cannons etc

    And lastly **walls**

    The air sweeper could be in a better position

  4. Altruistic_Trash_500

    0. (Most important, must get this one done asap) start saving up for the 5th builder and start rushing the Builder Base so you can gain access to the 6th builder for later THs. trust me, start the rush as soon as possible and start saving for the 5th.

    > having the 5th and 6th builder saves MONTHS of time, especially in higher THs.

    1. lab. get this bad boi up to max level that you can access and get it grinding on troops and spells

    > the reason behind this is bc lab takes the longest to upgrade anything, so the faster you get this up the better

    2. anything else that offers offensive power. the general guide that I’ve found to be useful is army camps > clan castle > heroes > barracks > spell factory. get em to max for ur level

    > the reason behind this is bc this will increase ur active income. stronger, more armies and spells means better access to loot while farming and easier crushing of bases in war (if you choose to do war)

    3. collectors/storages. de drills > gold mines > elixir collectors. de storage > gold storage > elixir storage.

    > this increases ur passive income and ur storage space. this means more loot to upgrade stuff

    4. defensive structures. that’s usually air defenses > teslas > wizard towers > sweepers > archer towers > cannons > bomb towers > mortars. walls and traps as filler when leaking loot or need to fix builder schedule. traps are: air mine > air bomb > spring trap > big bomb > small bomb

    > most attacks are dragons or (eventually) golem/hog riders. that’s why air defenses and sweeper are up higher while mortars and bomb towers are lower done. same for why air mine is top while small bomb is at the bottom.

  5. SerioeseSeekuh

    upgrade barch and barch for resources i can get 300k each for every attack in silver elo and then just start working on offensive buildings and utility

    whenever you have 1 builder free do wall upgrades and do defensive buildings last


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