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Witch Tower.

Witch Tower.

A new defense at th 14. It has a witch on top and will summon skeletons to defend your base. The tower can be toggled to summon air or ground skeletons. Hope you like the idea.

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  1. sp00kypork

    Yes anything that has a toggle feature needs to be added. It’s crazy how that xbows and infernos are unlocked at th9 and th10 yet they are the defenses that heavily influence the base building meta/attack meta.

    Even when I’m doing a war attack xbow and inferno settings are the defenses that influences what attack strategy I would use. I never really had that feeling when encountering the eagle, giga weapon, or scattershots.

    I would imagine that the air skeletons/bats would need to be weaker then the ground skeletons for balance reasons and to add a distinction from the xbows ground and air mode.

  2. Altruistic_Trash_500

    This could work, would definitely help nerf spam attacks a bit since it can distract troops over time. basically a cc witch ig? sounds really cool.

    i can already see the grand warden struggling to fight one of these towers lmao.

    imagine what would happen if these were in a group in the core, holy smokes it’d basically be witch spam all over again but on defense.

    great idea, dunno how it would be implemented but sounds epic.


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