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Is engineering in a modern way still possible?

Is engineering in a modern way still possible?

I’m thinking of turning a second account into an account for 2 free war attacks, is it possible?

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  1. clash2709

    Yes. But the best you can do is leave new defense on level 1 to get a sight advantage.

  2. Altruistic_Trash_500

    technically, yes. just keep all the defenses level one and push the offensive power up as much as possible. this may give you an advantage but not much as it used to in the past.

  3. Magnucio

    Once they nerfed engineering I started up a few offenseless accounts. All with just level 1 barbs for elixir troops, some with hogs as well. I run a 10 man clan and I just started warring recently, the matchups have been really easy, loads of rushed bases. I have a few .5s mixed in as well, no defenseless at all.


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