Gearing up

Is it actually worth gearing up cannons, archers towers and mortars?

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4 Thoughts to “Gearing up”

  1. Altruistic_Trash_500

    1) you have to gear up all 3 to unlock the OTTO hut, so even if you didn’t want to, you still have to in some point in time to get the 6th builder

    2) depends on the base and what you want to do with it. Gearing up the cannon and archer tower offers much higher dps but at a reduced range (great for taking out giants with the cannon and bowlers with the archer tower) while gearing up the mortar allows you to set up a sort of stalling station in the base where lighter troops get knocked around (great for defending against barch, mass sneaky goblin, and sometimes hog riders if you can catch the attacker off guard).

    here’s a guide explaining it pretty well: [](

    have a great day fellow clasher and i hope this helps!

  2. ChiefArya1

    The geared up cannon and mortar sure do a ton of damage in home village, I recommend gearing up.


    Have a geared up mortar’s range cover the town hall where sneaky goblins are likely to land. If there’s a filler troop in the start then the sneaky gobs are done for.

  4. ByWillAlone

    It’s not “cannons”, “archer towers” and “mortars”… it’s “a cannon”, “an archer tower”, and “a mortar”. You only get to gear up one of each.

    Most people think gaining a sixth builder makes it worth it. That’s the main reason to do it.

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