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NEW Village Rotation and Army Sharing! Clash of Clans Update Sneak Peek 4!

NEW Village Rotation and Army Sharing! Clash of Clans Update Sneak Peek 4!

Today, we go over the NEW Quality of Life Changes including the Village Rotation Tool & Army Composition Sharing in Clash of Clans!

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Edited by CorruptYT

Today in Clash of Clans, Corrupt YT gives you the newest Clash of Clans Update Sneak Peek, new Quality of Life Changes coming to Clash of Clans. The newest Quality of Life Changes in Clash of Clans. CorruptYT will teach you EVERYTHING, you need to know to get used to the Quality of Life Changes!

Not Clash of Clans Update, or Clash of Clans Max, or, BEST CWL Attack Strategies, or any other farming like that. This is a Clash of Clans tips video for every Town Hall Level in Clash of Clans. Best Town Hall 12 Attack Strategy, Best TH13 Attack Strategy, Lavaloon Attack Strategy for Clan Wars in Clash of Clans. Along with Clash of Clans Esports from Clan like ALTERNATE aTTaX (ATN), Queen Walkers (QWs), and players such as Klaus, Vale, BuMm. Clash on!

βŒ›Video Chapters
0:00​​​ Introduction
0:38 NEW Village Layout Rotation!
1:28 NEW Army Sharing!
1:56 How to Share Army Compositions
3:02 Quick Train Army Creation Changes
4:25 Quick Train Available for TH3 & TH4
4:54 NEW Customizable Deployment Bar!
5:29 TH14 Gameplay Changes
6:16 Gameplay Changes & Balances
6:43 Dragon Rider Skelly Spells = 3 Stars!
9:43 Thoughts on the Update

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