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In 4 Days It Will Be Exactly 2 Years Since BH9 Was Released.

In 4 Days It Will Be Exactly 2 Years Since BH9 Was Released.

I know crying about builder hall is getting overplayed but I just have to vent. I have been max BB for well over a year, almost 2 years, and not a single update has dropped. Which honestly doesn’t particularly bother me, I don’t like BB that much.

But when clan games and season ticket force me to play Builder Base, it’s really really demoralizing to grind on it for sometimes hours for challenges, and making no progress on anything.

I personally think BB needs a complete overhaul. I think it is very heavily defense favored. Getting 3 stars seems like a 1 in 100 matches sort of deal, and a lot of times you’re fighting to just get a high percentage 2 star. That’s not fun at all to me. The troop AI’s are super weird and it’s almost impossible to control the flow of an attack.

I really hope Supercell is diving deeper into BB issues these past 2 years, and if they aren’t willing to fix it, stop making it a requirement for season pass and clan games.

Rant over

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  1. ladernierefleur

    I’m maxed on BB and don’t miss it, the amount of work it needs to be fixed will just take away from the main village. BB was cool for a while but I think it’s magic is played off, I’m fine with just using it as a gem mine.

  2. Internal_Bill

    Agree 100%


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