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Full Patch Notes (Official Forums)

Full Patch Notes (Official Forums)

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  1. dracula3811

    Some nice qol items! I’ve been waiting for a rotate village option for a long time! Sharing army comps is also good stuff.

  2. Thanmarkou

    At last

    >Healers will no longer target Unicorn

  3. bot_yea

    # Quality of Life Improvements:

    ## Army Composition Sharing

    – You can now share your saved armies as well as your previously used army to Clan chat or as a link you can share outside the game, just like base links. Players using the link can copy the army composition to one of their own Quick Train slots.

    – Army links never expire!

    – You can now copy armies between your own Quick Train slots in case you want to make slight modifications to each army list, without the need to manually recreate it again.

    ## Village Rotation

    – Yes, you read that right! You can now rotate your Village in 90 degree increments while in Village Edit mode. ‘Nuff said.

    – Note: Rotating your Village will trigger the layout cooldown timer.

    ## Customizable. Deployment. Bar. Sizes.

    – Under the “More Settings” you’ll find a new option called “Deployment Bar Size”. This slider bar will allow you to manually adjust the size of the Deployment Bar according to your preference.

    – The “Use Extended Deployment Bar” option previously available to tablet players has been combined into this option and has been renamed, “Use Two Rows” for added clarity.

    There’s a lot more info in the forum post such as gameplay changes and bug fixes, so do check it out.

    [Day 1 sneak peeks discussion post](

    [Day 2 sneak peek: Rocket Balloon](

    [Day 3 sneak peek: Dragon Rider](

  4. kapil_NH

    Weren’t forums closed? Someone enlighten me please

  5. FloppyManMeat69

    When is update?! Today or tomorrow?! I am so floppy.

  6. joshraj9

    Royal Champion ability no longer targeting defenses is a major nerf

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