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You should be able to delete war troops one at a time without having to delete all of them!

You should be able to delete war troops one at a time without having to delete all of them!

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  1. piper139

    Doubt you’ll get any disagreement. Annoying af

  2. cheeseynoodles1

    Definitely should change this it’s always been annoying

  3. ByWillAlone

    We know SuperCell keeps track of who donated which troops, because if you’ve donated the maximum number of troops possible, and someone comes along later and dismisses one or more of the troops you donated, you regain the ability to donate into that defensive clan castle.

    I would speculate that the problem SuperCell has is that they likely aren’t keeping track of which order specific troops were donated in. So when some get dismissed, in the event that multiple different people donated copies of the same troop, how would they figure out who’s donated troops to dismiss and who’s donated troops remain when you only dismiss one at a time?

    I can see this kind of problem being discussed, and I can see them coming up with the solution to just dismiss all of the same kind of troops because that solution is easier than re-inventing the whole troop donation tracking system.

    If they did keep track of the order in which troops were donated, then the smart move would be to dismiss the most recently donated troop first…. but I bet they don’t have that level of detail.

  4. leanmeanbowser

    Agreed. Annoying when adding an extra super minion so you cant add the other troop you wanted and now you gotta wait another 5 minutes to fill it

  5. Royal-Canuck

    the double witches shown in this video were an accidental double tap that drove me to making this post.


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