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TH14: worst game balance so far

TH14: worst game balance so far

As TH14s start getting maxed, it becomes apparent to me that game balance is way off. This is due to the decision of the developers to balance the game by placing emphasis on splash damage. Indeed, TH14s are oozing splash damage. The TH poison, the six and extremely long inferno tentacles, the insanely strong scattershots (both in terms of dps and hitpoints), the shock damage of the eagle are all obliterating offensive armies within seconds.

Take the standard instructions we give to our players during wars: if the TH of the base is not centered, always always always attack from the TH side. Never attack from the opposite side and risk 1 star attacks. The problem with TH14 is that now this approach ensures that the entire army goes through the bloody poison and dies. So, what are we supposed to do? The warden ability is not enough to protect the army through the poison, and heal spells are not strong enough to counter it.

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  1. Judolassi

    TH14 is designed in a way to make spam attckers life miserable but with good tactics/strategies it is working well….edrag spam is still one of the good armies(there are few top players who are pushing with edrag army). With correct techniques it should be better. Once the pets are maxed, would provide good value on offense


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