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Spending gems

Spending gems

I have 3700 gems, should I spend 2000 on another builder and then what else?

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  1. Altruistic_Trash_500

    First, buy that builder. It will heavily accelerate your base progression. That’s the #1 reason why to save gems so you can purchase more builders.

    Second, save those gems. They are one of the most versatile currencies in the game which helps them range from boosting barracks to finishing an army right before war ends. If there is another available builder that you haven’t unlocked yet (that isn’t the 6th builder, that’s on the Builder base side), you gotta save em.

    Third, this is where your style of play comes in. Once you get to higher levels, book of heroes and book of buildings gain lots of value as now you don’t have to put down the hero for too long. There are other items such as books of fighting and book of spells, but most people can’t rake in 15 million of elixir a day. If I purchase anything with gems, it is always either a builder potion or a book of heroes.
    I hope this helps. have a good day!

  2. cheeseynoodles1

    5th builder and hero books

  3. Shingeki_no-Kyojin

    Skins cost 1,500 if you wanted to invest in some cosmetics


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