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Is BWitched viable in townhall 12?

Is BWitched viable in townhall 12?

I used BWitched in townhall 11 with great success but my attacks now in townhall 12 are… not very successfull.

Is BWitched a good strat for townhall 12 or should I change? (Pls don’t recommend e-dragon I think they are boring af)

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  1. CelebrationNo2429

    Think a few people use Yeti smash armies from what I’ve seen on YouTube. Will be going th12 myself soon so looking at armies.

    I’m a big fan of ice golems, witches and bowlers at th11 currently.

  2. mastrdestruktun

    Not sure how generic the term BWitched is to you, but three row attacks (row of tanks, row of bowlers, row of witches) are a reliable 2-3 star spam army for me. By “reliable 3 star” I mean against bad bases, of course; you can’t just spam good bases and expect to three star every time. I use it in CWL on my 11, 12 and 14s because I tend to have too many accounts in the war to be able to meticulously plan every attack, and it is good enough for crystal 1.


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