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Clash Guides: Clans, War, CWL & Games | Guides and links for your clan!

Clash Guides: Clans, War, CWL & Games | Guides and links for your clan!

*Want to get straight to the info? Scroll down and ignore the Overview*

Hello everyone. I am working on collecting a large amount of information and guides that have been made by the Clash community and putting it all in one place. This post is the second of many I have planned (see below). In this post you will find information like clan leadership, war/CWL strategies, and Clan Games guides.

## Why am I doing this?
There’s 3 main reasons why I’m working on this project:
– Showcasing some of the great guides made by the r/ClashofClans community
– Being able to understand where there is a lack of info/guides for certain topics
– Compiling it in an easy-to-link-to post so when people inevitably ask for this information, we can provide a source instead of repeating ourselves everyday

The search feature in Reddit is far from great and this is partly why I believe people end up asking the same questions everyday. I’ve noticed how many great guides people having been making lately in r/ClashofClans and I thought it was unfortunate that they rarely get utilized after the initial post.

If you see that I’m missing any information or know of a good guide, send me a link to it or create a guide to fill in the gaps!

##Final Notes
Before we get to the actual information:

[VIDEO] This tag means it links directly to a YouTube video. I wanted this to be a *mostly* Reddit-based guide so I tried to limit how many YouTube videos I linked to. Obviously there’s a ton of YouTube content and people are likely to already know their favorite content creators.

[OLD] This tag means it links to something that is 4+ years old. I generally tried to refrain from linking to anything 4+ years old. However, there were some older guides that still looked mostly correct. I put [OLD] in front of these older guides so that you know the information should be mostly correct but just be aware of out of date info.

## List of planned collections:
Account & Game Info
– Anything relating to security, protection and Supercell ID will go here along with things relating to the development and updates of Clash of Clans.

Clash Basics
– This will feature the basics of Clash of Clans. How the AI works, How multiplayer works, different ways to play the game etc.

Clan, War/CWL & Games
– This will feature things relating to your clan like how to be a good leader, places to recruit Wars, CWL, and Clan Games

Gold Pass/Gems/Magic Items
– This section will focus on the different currencies and purchase-able items in Clash

Builder Base
– This section will focus on everything relating to Builder Base.

[Individual Town Halls](
– This section will provide more in depth information than *Clash Basics* about each and every Town Hall

– – –

##General Info
– [Basic Information about Clans](

###What are Clan Perks? How do they work?
– [Clan Perks and XP explanation](

### Why is my clan chat suddenly being censored?
– [Explanation](

### How do I stop gems bots from coming into my clan?
– Set the Clan to Invite Only
– Raise the minimum trophy level of the Clan

### Why are my donated troop not at the correct level?
– [Clan Castle Troop Donation Changes](

### How is the total Clan Points (Trophies) calculated?
– [Explanation for Clan Point calculation](

### How can I be a good Leader?
– [Easy to link to post of the following:](
– [Part One: Recruit or Die](
– [Part Two: Be the Clanmate you want in your Clan](
– [Part Three: Promotions should be earned](
– [Part Four: A rule is not a rule if you don’t enforce it](
– [Part Five: Four Pillars of Clan Management](

### How should I distribute CWL Bonus Medals?
– [Mathematical Approach](
– [Medals as Clan Currency](
– [General Discussion](

###My Leader is inactive. What do I do?
– [Guide to how Leader transfers to a different player](

## Recruitment/Searching
### Looking for a Clan? Looking for Clan Members?
– r/ClashofClansRecruit
– [Discord server recruiting channels](
– Every weekend there is a Recruitment post stickied at the top of r/ClashofClans
– In-Game Recruitment Tool

### How does the In-Game Recruitment Tool work?
– The In-Game Recruitment Tool is a machine learning-powered search function that will match players who are of a similar play style as your Clan. You can filter these results in two ways:
1. By changing the Minimum Town Hall requirement in Clan Settings
2. By using the labels Labels provided in the top part of the screen

### How can I merge with another clan?
– [Merging clans guide](

– – –

#Clan War/CWL
## General Info
– [General Overview of Clan Wars](
– [Clan Wars FAQ](
– [General Overview of CWL](
– [CWL FAQ](

### How does matchmaking work? How can I take advantage of matchmaking?
– [War Weights and Matchmaking info](
– For CWL see [here]( instead

### How do I gain CWL medals?
– Simply being placed on the roster will earn you 20% of the available medals possible for your league. For every star you earn you get an extra 10%. This means getting 8+ stars will give you the full reward.
– [Chart with exactly how many medals you can earn](

### How can I upgrade my heroes while still participating in war?
– [Strategically upgrading heroes to stay in war as much as possible](

## Preparation Day Guides
### How do I make a good war base?
– [Making War Bases Guide](
– [The 3 different types of bases and when to use them](

### What type of defensive clan castle troops should I donate?
– [Specific Clan Castle combinations for TH12 and below]( (Note: is not updated for Super Troops)
– [OLD] [DPS? HP? Spawn? How to decide what type of troops go in your clan castle](

## Battle Day Guides
### What is a good strategy to win wars?
– [Clan War Attack Efficiency](

### What does attacking my mirror mean?
– When someone says to “attack your mirror”, it refers to attacking the same number as you are on the map. For example, if you are 5th on the map attacking your mirror would result in attacking the 5th player on the opposing team.

– – –

#Clan Games
– [General Clan Games Info](

###When will Clan Games begin? What will be the rewards?
– Clan Games begin the 22nd day of each month and the rewards will be posted on social media and in-game on the day before (21st).

### I just got kicked/left my clan. Can I still claim the rewards?
– As long as you have finished at least one challenge (which means you earned points), then you will be able to claim the rewards. However, you will not be to start clan games or continue earning points in a different clan.

### Why can’t I participate in Clan Games?
– You must be TH6+
– Only 50 people can participate in Clan Games. If someone gets kicked/leaves after starting a challenge and you join the clan afterwards, you could potentially be the 51st person to try starting Clan Games in which case the game will not allow it.
– After starting Clan Games in a clan, you cannot join a different clan and continue completing challenges; you are tied to the original clan.

###How can I/my clan max Clan Games?
– [Guide to 75k+ points in Clan Games](
– [How to max out (4k) your Clan Games points quickly](

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