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Builder base winrate always 50 percent no matter what?

Builder base winrate always 50 percent no matter what?

If your just attacking for resources will you always win half of your builder base matches on average because if you loose you just go against easier people? So unless your grinding trophies just dump everything in attacks? Am I correct?


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  1. ByWillAlone

    Builder base matches are always pvp, so if you look at the global pool of matches, there have to be an exactly equal number of winners and losers regardless of how many matches you evaluate. The global pool has to operate at exactly 50:50, and that trickles all the way down the trophy ladder.

    Since it’s a true Elo ladder system that does not take into account any other factors such as progression or builder hall level, that means that it works like any other true Elo system: it is designed so that your score causes you to be matched with opponents where your chance for winning should be roughly 50:50.

    If you improve skill or defensive/offensive progressive and increase your win ratio even slightly, your score increases and you start moving up the ladder until your you cannot sustain a winning average and you are back to 50:50.

    If you somehow got higher than you should be (this happens a lot to returning players who climbed the ladder then stopped playing before more builder hall levels were released) then you go on a losing streak until drop trophies enough to stabilize out at 50:50 again.

    There’s no getting around it. Your reward for superior skill is to be matched with sufficiently progressed players that you can’t maintain a winning ratio.

    The only truly fair matchups in builder base occur only when maxed players match with maxed players. At that point, it might be possible for a highly skilled person to maintain a winning average because they can’t be further handicapped by being matched against more progressed players.

  2. Jesus_died_for_u

    You are correct in that you will average 50% win/loss over a time frame with adjustment for whether your upgrade rate is higher/lower than the average player you meet. You can spam and close to save time. If you stay and have opportunity to observe/learn plus boost the BM and go higher in trophies but you will lose a bunch if you revert back to spamming/closing.

    I do not care for BB so I spam/close. And I deliberately lose 3 afterward to maintain a trophy level so that I can do 3 wins in a row and be done. It takes less time to lose deliberately than to spam/close more times.


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