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June 2021 CWL Season….how did everyone go?

June 2021 CWL Season….how did everyone go?

How did everyone’s season go?

Mine went pretty much to script. 6th place in Master 1. Beat the two clans I thought I would and was outgunned by the five clans running 30 TH14s to my 12 TH14/18 TH13 roster. Offensively wasn’t outclassed but TH13s are not going to hold up against TH14’s with near max heroes so didn’t look likely to win any of those 5 wars.

Managed to get through the season with only 8 one star attacks so 96%+ two star or better when 78 of my attacks where TH13 v TH14 was pleasing. That was better than any opponent of mine. Never looked like getting relegated and walked away with 352 medals. This is how my group ended up.

Tough work up here at Master 1 against the all TH14 clans. Last month only had 3 of them. This month had 5 of them. If I hit a season with 6 or 7 all TH14 clans might find myself relegated but happy just to survive up here getting some decent amount of medals. Helps me progress my heroes along nicely.

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