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How do I recover my clan?

How do I recover my clan?

Long Post Alert. But please help me.

Been playing the game for more than 4 years. We are a bunch of college friends who play the game for sometime and we will be taking off for sometime and play again. This repeated for like 3 years. Last year in 2020 we were back again playing the game because why not its covid lockdown situation and the game was a major stress relief. Once the lockdowns restrictions were relaxed we took a time off the game and became inactive players. During that off time Supercell did an update where the inactive leaders will get demoted and the leader post goes to the senior co leader.

Our clan is a level 12 clan and I was the leader of the clan. We had a bunch of international players who joined us through the global chat. All of my college mates were Co leaders and since we all became inactive at the same time the leadership went to the guy from Global chat. He was with for for a long time and he was also a co leader. IDK what happened but he kinda kicked us all out of the clan and he himself came out of the clan.

Now the clan has 0 members and is not showing up in search results. Recently me and my friends came back to play the game again and we were utterly shocked to see that the clan was missing.

I contacted the in game support and forums too. All I got was the bot asking questions totally unrelated to my situation. I’m in a loop with those bots, no answer.

Is there any way to recover my clan. I have all the details about the clan. I’m ready to provide the details with the support team. Can you guys help me recover that clan. You know how hard it is to level up to 12th clan level. All we want is our clan back.

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  1. Twister_-_

    I’m pretty sure it’s gone forever

  2. DMandBurgers

    When a clan has 0 members, supercell disbands it to make room for new clans in their servers. Y’all unfortunately have to make a new one. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Y’all could always gentrify a weak clan of your choices you want the clan perks, but the leader would have to at least be okay with letting their clan get swept away


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