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Whoever created the builder machines AI should be fired

Whoever created the builder machines AI should be fired

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  1. Jesus_died_for_u

    When I was young Coke-a-Cola had an executive suggest an idea to promote a new flavor. It was called ‘New Coke’. No problem so far. However with limited shelf space the product was ‘pushed’ so hard the regular, old-coke flavor was hard to find in some places. Can you imagine anything that would make Coke-a-Cola fans any angrier? The executive was fired as sales plummeted.

    BB has potential. A clock tower-who didn’t think upgrading needed to speed up? A gem mine-who didn’t like that? Can we get stuff to help our main village-intriguing, right?

    Clock tower is useless to main. Loot system isn’t similar. Walls are unwieldy. Gem mine is nice. A few simple, not game changing, gears-ups are trivial. To get loot (in a meaningful way) the player is forced to attack 6 times a day, every day, ad nauseam to the point you get sick of opening the game. Must attack until you win at least 3. Contrast that with a fun of marathon raiding loot, just loot (who cares about trophies) of (usually) rushed/engineered bases for a goal-like level 2 dragons or an x-bow-on the main village. The game play and fun goals between the two bases are different. Maybe you like BB. No problem, but I ask you to admit to yourself that the game play is different. They are separate games barely connected. I play the main village less and have less fun because I get sick of the grind of BB and close the app. I choose to download the main village after watching game play. I was suckered into BB by potential and would not play it at all if it weren’t for clan games.

    I agree fire the guy that thought of the AI, but not just because of the AI.


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