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What era did you guys start?

What era did you guys start?

I really have been enjoying getting back in the game, they really improved things from when I started, I remember when pekkas used to take like 25-45 minutes each to train, th10 was max, the global chat, before clan wars or versus, I stopped playing cause the upgrades got way too lengthy and it got boring, when I came back it was awesome, I came back as a th9 I maxed that out, then maxed out my th10, just started 11, queen walking is so awesome, it’s hard though to move away from the old gowiwi and gowipe attacks, it seems like dragons and edrags are a bit OP, I still have the old Halloween headstone and some of the older Christmas trees, also the leaderboard I feel like used to be made up of actual players B055HOG was dominant back then, seems like I’ve missed a bunch since I left and came back though, I’m curious to see what direction the game goes

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  1. CardanoYOLO

    I started playing back in high school. I remember the game was so different back then. The highest TH was 10, training troops worked a lot differently, there was no air sweeper or bomb tower, walls walls WALLS holy hell you used to only be able to upgrade walls with gold and they used to be way more expensive. It took me absolutely forever to max th9, now it feels like you could do it in a couple months of casual play. Dark elixir used to be the bane of my existence, it used to be way harder to get dark and now I can put both my heroes down and fill my storages before they even get back up with ease. War weight worked a lot differently too and th8.5s and 9.5s were pretty popular, for those that don’t know a .5 is when you go up to the next th but only upgrade offenses. So you’d have th10s that didnt drop infernos but had max TH10 offenses and would often get matchup with th9s. Game has changed a lot, for the better. I definitely like that it’s not so grindy anymore.

  2. cheeseynoodles1

    Started in 4th or 5th grade so 7 or 8 years

  3. Erikulloa

    I started playing in the 6th grade and I’m about to turn 20 so idk

  4. LamarjbYT

    I started playing only few months before Townhall 11 was released

  5. mitchman1973

    When I started there were no clan wars. That didn’t happen until I was a th7

  6. Effective_Phase7212

    I started playing when th12 was max and I maxed that out but had to restart and am now new th9

  7. RocketPadGamer

    If i don’t remember i started in 2018 and because i was very inactive, i’m still a th8

  8. Alarmed_Garlic9793

    Started around 2014, left in 2015 then started a new account in 2017, maxed it out and left in in 2019. Now im back again and at th9

  9. _MildlyMisanthropic

    oh god another Pepperidge Farm post


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