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Restarted playing and would appreciate some tips and tricks

Restarted playing and would appreciate some tips and tricks

I restarted playing CoC today and I was aondering if there is a “optimal” way to level things up. Before I stopped playing, I managed to get to TH lvl 9. Before going to 10, should I upgrade everything I can until it says that I need TH 10 to upgrade more, also what should I prioritize in leveling up, defenses or ressources? Also, what troops/potions are good and what are bad? I saw a few tiktok’s talking about progress bases, what are their use and what is a optimal way of using them? I appreciate any help and would seriously love getting back into the CoC grind.

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  1. sp00kypork

    1. If your main concern is to progress at a good pace then just keep playing a townhall level until you get idle builders. If you want to progress as fast as humanily possible look up “clash guides with dusk strategic rushing” those guides will explain strategic rushing better then anyone could. But of course you can always max out each townhall level 100% if that’s the playstyle you like.

    2. Offense buildings should always be your #1 priority, after that’s fully capped heroes should be #2 priority, you need to obviously upgrade storages early especially with magic items like resources runes that completely fill storages, some people say upgrading collectors isn’t necessary since they pale in comparison to resources gained from farming other people like me say that’s its necessary because of them attacking as “meat shields” on defense and it’s free loot why not upgrade them? Defenses will fly by really fast especially with the recent cost and time reductions

    3. The most useless troop is undeniable the valks they are a niche troop at th10/th9 and become completely irrelevant at th11+. As for all the other troops its a personal preference thing everyone has different preference for what they like and don’t like.clone is most niche spell not to many attacks use them,same thing for skeleton spells. Most versatile is still rage, freeze, poison,heal, and jump. Lightning and earthquakes are actually usable now, bat spells are fun to use, hastes are good if you like lavaloon.

    4. I don’t use progress bases that much except for a rushed donation account I have. Their only useful for finding things easier.


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