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Questions from a returning player

Questions from a returning player

Hey guys, I’m just returning to the game after quitting for ~6 years and had quite a few questions regarding new updates etc. Would appreciate any answers, thank you in advance. I’m a new th10, (basically a maxed th9 right now) if that makes a difference to anything.

Regarding clans:

1. What are clan games and how time consuming are they?
2. What are clan levels? I think this was a very recent update when I left so I don’t know much about them.
3. What is the clan war league and how does it work? Also how time consuming is it?

Attacking and Defending:

1. What are common attacks used around th10? So far my base has been demolished by most air attacks with lightnings as well as miners
2. Are the Practice attacks realistic at all?
3. I enjoy base building but I’m confused on how to build around miners, bowlers, dragons etc. Any tips? I assume dense bases are no longer very good


1. I’m currently farming and loot is much much easier to get than when I was last playing, my storages are almost always full. Are builder potions and research potions a good gem investment for me? I don’t want to buy gems but have saved quite a lot in the past.
2. is there any chance of another builder hut being available for gems in the future? Don’t want to waste my current gems if this is a possibility.
3. Gold pass seems to give you so much to speed up the game. Do lots of people actually buy this? And do you have to pay for Gold pass every month?
4. Are there any benefits to trophy pushing?

I know this is a lot of text so thank you to anyone who read this and is able to answer even one or two questions.
Cheers and have a good day

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  1. Ok_Clerk9324

    I wouldn’t recommended buying research portions or builder potions with gems since they aren’t worth, IMO, the gems – you get a few through the season from events etc.

  2. cheeseynoodles1

    Clan games is a week long event where you work on challenges with your clan for points that unlock different tiers of rewards

    Clan war league is a week long event that’s 7 back to back wars

    The practice attacks are relealistic but there’s better versions of the attacks

    r/COCbaselayouts for base tips

    IMO builder and research potions are a good investment sometimes

    5 builder huts is the max you can buy but you can get a 6th by playing the builder base

    Yes a lot of people do buy it and you do have to play monthly

    You can get better loot in higher trophy leagues

  3. Impoppable13

    Clan games are missions (such as get 3 stars with at least 4 hogs) an you can points for completing it (you do have a time limit but that’s usually not a problem), everyone has the same missions and you get rewards based on how many points ur clan got. Clan levels are perks you get that go up by winning cw attacks or clan games. Clan war league (cwl) starts at the first day of the month and you fight against 7 other clans (every day you face another clan and you only get 1 attack per person and 15v15 or 30v30). There’s no matchmaking system other than the fact that you can only match up against clans in the same league, if ur clan does well enough it will promote and will demote if ur clan sucked. The first time you queue for cwl the war weight will decide on what league you’ll start. After cwl you get rewarded cwl medals which are on of the most valuable things in the game

    On yt you can see the best attack strategies (farming or war) for th10

  4. notyraytor

    You can gain clan perks, such as donation refund or higher level donations, for every level up until level 10, after level 10 though nothing really happens


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