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I’m a new town hall 11 and I’m having trouble placing traps… Any help please?

I’m a new town hall 11 and I’m having trouble placing traps… Any help please?

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  1. ZanFanGijs

    I like how you took two screenshots and placed them together

  2. The_Bold_One1234

    Small bombs either near the TH to counter a sneaky blimp or to protect walls against wallbreakers

    Giant bombs, unless doing DBGs or TGBs, some cases 2 giant bombs and 2 small bombs, should be spread far and wide to force as many heals as possible and near point defences to bait hogs

    SAMs near ADs to take out drags and hounds, leave 1 outside to bait QCs

    RABs near WTs and multi infernos to take out loons

    Tornado wherever you expect a blimp (generally atop the Eagle)

    Skellies generally near single infernos (defends edrags well), or near your AQ/CC

  3. sp00kypork

    Giant bombs and spring traps=used to counter hogs place them in between defenses.

    Seeking air mines= counter to lava hounds, healers and blimps. Place one by each air defenses. Think of good areas to to queen charge to possibly pick of healers. Easiest way to get a blimp to townhall put 2 air mines.

    Air bombs= counter to balloons. Don’t place them near air defenses or a hound could easily tank them. Place them around wizard towers or multi inferno towers.

    Skelly traps= ground mode is used to counter queen charges/royal champion dives. Place around single target infernos.

    Tornado=counter to blimps and siege machines in general. Place it around townhall towards eaiset side to blimp from.

    Small bombs= counter to regular wallbreakers but you know super wallbreakers exist. Probably best to place them around townhall to counter sneaky goblins blimps.


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