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[IDEA] Can we please get a language selection for our Profil / Clan?

[IDEA] Can we please get a language selection for our Profil / Clan?

I’m currently on the look for a clan and get a few invites… but I’m tired not finding a clan that speaks my language… So my idea: add a fourth label for your Profil/Clan and for the Clan search. It’s only for leangue, so I can select for example English and I only get English clans recommendations or invites from English clans.

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  2. ByWillAlone

    They added a language setting for clans, but then never took the next step to add that to search or make it part of the recruiting system when looking for new players. They also didn’t add it as a selectable item in the recruiting screens.

    SuperCell seems super-resistant to add language and I don’t know why. The community has begged for this for years. I feel like when they added it to the clan profile page they were doing the bare minimum that they thought would end the constant begging for it. It’s there, but it doesn’t do anything.


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