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“How to 3 star this base” posts.

“How to 3 star this base” posts.

All these posts about “how to 3 star this base” is getting out of hand. Here’s some important news for you all. **3 starring bases aren’t required!** now before you grab your torches and pitchforks let me explain. 3 starring any base is a pain in the ass. There is no guarantee way to 3 star a base consistently (not even with e drag spam). There Will be many factors that can prevent that. From troop levels to down heroes to annoying CC troops (looking at you super minion) and if you fail a 3 star attack you’re gonna be upset cause that bar is so high. So instead focus on getting on only 1 star. 1 star is enough for a victory and can contribute to wars and is much easier than 3 starring a base. And best of all there are two ways to get 1 star while only one way to get 3 stars. And if you end up getting both ways to get 1 star then you get 2 stars from the attack. So rather than asking others how to 3 star ask yourself how to 1 star. Can you arrow head the town hall? If you can do it. If you can’t can you get 50% destruction? If you can do it. If you can’t then you need to improve before being in a war.

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  1. piper139

    Unfortunately, the ones that need to read will not. Like how do I 3 star this th11 as a new th9. Yeah…

  2. TheSbubby

    In war every star counts, so a 1 or 2 star is considered as a fail, unless you’re only warring for loot. I do believe that people should learn different attack strats, so they don’t have to post a HWYA every time.

  3. Gindie1976

    Not sure 2* in CWL is a fail, but maybe that’s just me 😂

  4. Dystil

    Yeah they do get annoying, especially since they’re basically irrelevant to everyone else besides that one person


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