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How should I attack this? (I still have the boost from the th upgrade)

How should I attack this? (I still have the boost from the th upgrade)

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  1. AdventurousAmoeba666

    Copy the electro surgery attack from the in game practice. Drop the blimp at about 12-1, deploy it and clone, close to the eagle(may need to bring a freeze to get the blimp there). Then deploy the Edrags and warden at 12-3, followed by loons. Then Drop the king and queen where u think they’re needed.

  2. Lacking_Lotus

    This base is a lot easier than you think if you are a th11 with level 2 e drags. If you have lvl 8 zaps (assuming yes if lab is upgraded and boost is still on) just use 11 zaps and 1 from your clan mates (extra spell slot can be freeze or poison) and just zap every AD. There is infernos, air sweepers, and other key air defenses within zapping range of each one so zap value is huge. If you have 240 space, just 8 e drags. To be honest, cc troops, king, queen, and warden will all just be overkill in taking out this guy. You got this.

    Here would be my attack plan, assuming you have cc all heroes up 260 space and appropriate levels of troops.

    Zap top left AD while also hitting wiz tower, x bow and eagle. Zap top right AD while hitting eagle and x bow as well. Zap bottom right AD while also hitting inferno and sweeper. Zap bottom left AD while hitting inferno and air sweeper. Then, spread out all 8 e drags (while placing 4 loons in front of whatever ones you feel like to bait traps). Use your extra spell for whatever you feel fit.
    King, queen, warden, and cc siege + troops will (again) be overkill. I wouldn’t say don’t use them because you don’t want to get cocky, but this is a 3 star in the bag.


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