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How can I, 3 star this base?

How can I, 3 star this base?

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  1. Lacking_Lotus

    Before reading, I’m a th11 and this is how I would attack. Don’t take what I say as a fail proof way of instant win.

    I’m assuming your also a town hall 11 like that base, with at least 30/30/5, rage spells, a clan that can give u cc, and e drags. The only scary thing on this base is the infernos in the middle.

    I would bring 3 rages (1 rage for each air defense, since they are more on the outer layer it should be more efficient than zaps) 1 loon and 1 e drag for each of them. Loon first, to bait traps, the first AD shot, and to maybe damage something. E drag behind with rage, hopefully taking out an air defense. When 3/4 are gone, take your king and queen to take out the one in the bottom right. Assuming you have 260 housing space, you still have 155 slots, 7 spell slots (with cc), warden, a siege, and cc troops. Your king queen e drags and rages should already have taken out a good chunk of the base, all 4 air defenses, and some other defenses on the side. Now, I would drop 1 loon 1 e drag at the top to clean up. 1 e drag on each side of the base (right and left) to clean that up. Now, 60 slots left, 7 spell slots, siege, and warden. This’ll be easy, just make sure not to time fail following me here. Your other 7 spells should be freezes (or zaps, anything to make infernos stop their beam when it gets too harsh) and a poison or 2 for heroes and / or cc troops. Warden, siege and cc, and remaining e drags should come from the bottom. Ability and use spells when necessary. Battle blimp, stone slammer, or log launcher should all suffice. After all that, as long as you don’t time fail, this is an easy 3 star.


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