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Do you agree with this clan rule?

Do you agree with this clan rule?

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  1. _ThisIsMeTalking_

    That’s a really stupid rule to have

  2. Davidhlc_

    Clan is seriously disadvantaging themselves.

  3. TheNobleMushroom

    I don’t think I’ve seen a more stupid rule before 😂 also, you got an ordinary member reinforcing it for whatever reason

  4. notyraytor

    yeah…not really

  5. -Kylur

    I find this rule kind of dumb because one of the reasons donations exist is to get access to troops you can’t train

  6. JastroTheDragon

    personally i don’t, that’s just limiting people’s attack power. but i also get it that not having the rule would mean only higher level players can donate

  7. piper139

    It’s as valid as the rule that everyone must donate more than they receive that I see on clan descriptions.

  8. I_want_whiskas

    first time ive ever seen this rule, very dumb

  9. alexandaguitar

    That is a terrible idea, can severely limit attack power in wars. I.E TH10’s not being able to get 2 stars against opponents up to 3 TH’s higher than them in CWL because they can’t request SG’s for Sneaky Blimp 🤦🏻

  10. Jesus_died_for_u


  11. Lacking_Lotus

    Having a clan who only lets people request troops they also have is bs. Troops like electro dragons can absolutely carry war, league, and casual attacks at a level like th9. They are just making themselves weaker. I would leave that clan for a better one ASAP.

  12. ByWillAlone

    I don’t have this clan rule, and for most clans I don’t agree with it, but I can see the rationale behind how a rule like this gets started in a clan…

    Imagine a new-ish clan with only one, or very few TH12s… and then just imagine every single player over TH6 requesting Yeti all the time. With only one or two people that can fill that request, it puts a lot of pressure on those few TH12s, and also guarantees that no one else in the clan is doing any donating at all. I can see how that would seem unfair to the one or two people doing all the donating.


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