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With my CWL medals, what should I upgrade?

With my CWL medals, what should I upgrade?

I can only get 1 hammer. Hero hammers do not apply to this poll.

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  1. RandomCoCAccount

    Whoever voted “eagle” are either trolling or pure dumbasses. You should obviously go healer, because:

    1. Lab time is much longer than builder time
    2. You get 5-6 builders but only 1 laboratory, so a day saved for a lab upgrade is 5x-6x more valuable than a day saved for a building
    3. The healer upgrade itself is longer, so you’d be saving more “raw” time anyway


    And 4. Offense and army is more important than defense

  2. Jesus_died_for_u

    1. Heros are 1st priority (because I do not have to have troops I rarely use maxed, but it would be nice.
    2. Lab upgrades are 2nd because it takes the longest unless you only have 2 builders

  3. DMandBurgers

    Don’t worry about the healers yet. You can do those a lot easier. The eagle upgrade is super important

  4. FaithlessnessNo2495

    eagle because it wrecks stuff

  5. RocketPadGamer

    You can upgrade both of them at the same time


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