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The unfortunate truth about rushing:

The unfortunate truth about rushing:

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  1. LamarjbYT

    OP is saying this like this is all that happens when people Rush that’s not true. Yes, this does definitely happen, but this isn’t the “unfortunate truth” of rushing if you take a little bit of time to do some research. There are ton of videos about rushing and how to do it properly which result in this not happening. I know it’s just meme but still.

  2. JacksonvilleJesus

    all in all it took me roughly a 7 months to go from a 1-10 and that was before the last update that has the new reward path thing. I’m fully maxed besides king and queen are at lvl25. Maybe it helps that I rushed to 10 before and had a time getting it up to snuff, which is now a 13, and a TH12 also. The 13 and 12 i started probably 6 months apart like 7 years ago, played casually, got fed up, came back to builder hall and th12 update and a rushed th10 but I did the right thing and caught up my lab, walls, defenses, heroes.


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