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[BUG] Warden hits archer outside his effective range

[BUG] Warden hits archer outside his effective range

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  1. cheeseynoodles1

    The line is just a suggestion she got too close to his personal space

  2. piper139

    If you watch the circle line pulsing, it touches the square the Archer is on. Range is not the circle. It is every square the circle touches.

  3. jjj0400

    You’re not even showing his range here, you gotta select the warden and then the circle that shows his range shows up (it’ss a little further than the circle that’s always visible).

    Also, I think range goes per tile, tiles aren’t circular so the range that it shows is never the exact range, it’s just close.

  4. gasstationdelicasies

    The circle is for his ability, not his strike range.

  5. dadelgado

    What a legend

  6. JianGaming

    It Happens.

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