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A look at average loot per day in Legends League

A look at average loot per day in Legends League

**TLDR ~ This is what I (an average attacker I assume) earned in Legends league daily over ~2 weeks. ~7.6m Gold, 5.2M Elixir, 68K DE**


My key takeaways from this –

1. I like legends, the time spent to loot gained ratio is the best in the entire game. Talkin 30 mins on that account per day TOPS, mostly spent in battle (8x 3.5 min attacks = 28 mins)
2. Don’t use your own siege machines. Its 800k per day (640k with gold pass) and with limited attacks that kinda matters. Literally everyone else can suck it though. If you aren’t in legends you don’t even need to use sieges to farm, and if you think you do, use your own for that and do 1 extra hit per day to pay for them.
3. Loot can obviously be better lower, I’m not arguing that LL is “better” in any way except for what I said in point 1. I tried farming lower, crystal, masters, champs, titan, there’s decent loot all over but you next a LOT for it and spend a ton of time finding bases worth hitting. **DE is the real bitch here though, upgrading heros AND pets AND buying super troops AND the lab just isn’t going to be viable in Legends.** I did this while only buying pets and super troops, and DE was fine for that though, tons of extra. Pets actually get cheaper on higher levels on a per day basis when you do the math, don’t worry about upgrading pets in LL its easy.
4. Upgrades can be done constantly with ease, especially with gold pass. 7.6 M gold per day is a defense every 2-3 days. With 6 builders, gold pass, runes, season bank, gold for defenses isn’t an issue at this point, and probably won’t be through the trickle of th14 updates we’re sure to get over the next year. Walls will be slow, ~2 per day if that’s all you you have to spend loot on, but that’s not super important to a lot of people.
5. If you are look conscious, throwing a few sneaky gobs in your comp is a great idea that will pay for itself. They’re good to start funnels and clean up, and worst case they’ll bail you out of a terrible attack by snatching a few of the storages after your attack fails, trust me on that one…

**OK below is the rest of the rambling I think most won’t care about, but here’s the explanation of how I got my numbers and some other math.**


[I made a post a bit ago about whether or not to finish off pets in legend league](, and it just got me wondering just how much loot an average attacker can expect to earn in Legends every day. So I tracked it, assuming I’m of roughly average skill.

Its easy enough to figure out the maximum possible loot earned. Max collectors earn 940k per day of gold and elixir, and 10,080 DE. Star bonus in legends is 900k G/E & 4500 DE. Win bonus can earn you up to 2.7m G/E & 19.2k DE, this of course depends on how much of the base you destroy, but as long as you always get 70%, you get the full amount.

TH14s are usually worth ~525-540k gold (it varies), 600K Elixir, and 7k DE. So 8x hits a day getting it all is – 4.2M gold, 4.8M elixir, and 56K DE.

**Add all that up and the max you take in caps around 8.7M gold, 9.3M Elixir, 89K DE.**

But of course you’ll be spending some on armies, mainly elixir, but also gold (640-800k per day if you use your own siege machine), and DE.

I used a few different comps but mine mostly came out to costing 0 or 80k gold for the siege, ~380k elixir, and ~1k dark. So all that multiplied by 8 (add 20% for those without gold pass) as well as not always getting all the loot or win bonus possible, and it knocked me down to the average I put right up top. Honestly you can spend more on DE than that and earn more elixir, they just aren’t always the best armies to choose right now. But watch how the meta changes and keep that stuff in mind.

Now I’m not a great attacker, but I’m no slouch either. I had good days and bad, most of the days I tracked were in the 5250-5500 spanning the end of last season and the start of this one (5000-5200 so far). I had 4 heros and 3 pets available. I never modified my attacks to make sure I got the loot, some I came from the opposite side to try and 3 star and ended up getting me like 150k/150k/0. (hence item 5 above). Plenty of 1 stars in there too, it happens. I think it reflects a more realistic, conservative approach to estimating loot the average attacker can expect in legends.

If anyone cares to track their own, here’s the ugly excel doc I made to track mine. Enter your loot won and percent destroyed for each attack, as well as your army cost (it assumes you use the same one all day and have max collectors).


If anyone else gets wildly different numbers than mine let me know about it and what you’re doing differently.

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  1. hogua

    Perhaps I missed it because that a crazy long post, but you left out the part about not losing loot when attacked in Legends.

  2. JoeShmoe307

    Lmao legends is the best just cause you never lose loot


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