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What are some simple th12 war attacks?

What are some simple th12 war attacks?

I have never gotten a three star with zap quake or any other variations, it’s just not my attack. Currently upgrading hog for hybrid, but until then, what are war comps? 42/60/24 heroes btw so warden walk attacks are also tough

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  1. cececozes

    Bats seem pretty OP if they’re upgraded. Lots of TH12 In my clan are using ice golems with bowlers to clear a path to the middle of the base and take out the TH. Should leave you with a “U” like shape around the outside of the base. Then use like 6 bat spells at one of the ends to clear out the defenses in the “U”. Gotta take freeze for the wizard towers or they’ll wipe out the bats though. Like 4 freeze. I use hog/miner hybrid with super wiz and invis in a blimp personally and love it.

  2. sp00kypork

    Pekka bobat maybe? But instead of a warden walk just do a queen walk for funneling you will need to add in extra funneling troops to prevent your queen from walking where you don’t want her to go.

    Drag bat is another option just completely scrap the queen/warden walks and use king and queen for either funneling or diving into an air defense.

    Biggest problem is the most simplest strategies are the zapquake strategies but they also don’t offer alot of control of your army because of spell investment.

    The bat spells based armies and hybrid definitely need practice to get good at but it’s atleast not the skill level needed to pull off lavaloon.

  3. iDoTriple

    I’ve used Icy G for ages, simple and effective (free 3* against island bases which you see very often) 7-8 ice golems, rest witches and bowlers/superwizard.

    Damage town hall with 2×4 earthquakes and open base behind town hall and left/right. Log launcher to finish weak town hall and take out eagle/multi inferno on the way. If air defences are located close to core, I bring 4-5 loons for back end

  4. itsScar22

    im currently using either pekkabobat or dragbat


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