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Should there be punishments to players you who dont attack or leave clans who are in clan war league?

Should there be punishments to players you who dont attack or leave clans who are in clan war league?

My clan got shafted this season of clan league after 2 og members left hours into starting clan war league and another left after the first war. I feel Supercell should add their own punishment such as not being able to join another clan while in clan war league so people are forced to stick out what they started. People who consistently do not attack I feel should also receive a punishment of some kind if they fail to attack in a set number of wars, there should be a limit of how many wars can be missed before they receive a punishment. I would not know a capable punishment but maybe introduce something like a bad omen effect where troops training, builders, mines and collectors are 15% slower. I feel all these toxic problems of people trolling clans, shafting them in this sacred time of clan war league could be not solved but maybe help reduce this problem

I understand the clan could be at fault as they put them in there in the first place, but most people I put in attacked in war before, got their 4k points in clan games and are active day to day so I fail to realise why all of a sudden they do not attack or leave.

This is just my opinion and maybe I am being rash but as a clan leader this is frustrating watching my clan losing, clan xp, stars and potential promotions because people are not attacking or are leaving. Feel free to agree/disagree in comments, I want to know if people think this could be a good step forward or am I just letting emotions take over making say stupid stuff.

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  1. DMandBurgers

    Your clan’s war general should include more than 15 people in the search. If people leave, you can sub them, if not then you can rotate players who don’t perform up to par. If the game started to punish players for not participating in war, they’d lose a lot of people real quick. Not only can you choose to never let them into the clan again, but the amount of support tickets and complaints they would receive would be astronomical. In the end clash is a game and even though I want to put my phone through a wall after 99% 1 sometimes, it’s just a game


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