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Popular base th9 taturial.

Popular base th9 taturial.

I think everyone has seen this base for th9.

Popular TH9 base taturial: This army is good against other bases too. *lure the cc* Black represents the golem and wall breakers(also queen and wizard to kill cc). The two blue dots next to black are wizards for funelling(make sure they do their job or the valks will go around the base). Orange are valks,pekka and heroes. They should go into the middle and smash the X-bows(attention!: the enemy queen will lure them). Drop a heal and rage to smash the middle faster. Start dropping hogs in order to take the rest of the defence out. Use a heal if needed.

Baby drag is clean up and can take a compartment out if the golem is in the mid and tanks. Replace him with wizard&hog if you want.

Tips: use 1 hog to lure cc. make sure the wizards clean up the sides for valks to go to the middle. Pay attention to where defheroes are! They may lure your valks from smashing the middle. Try to drop the heal for the middle so that it also affects hogs if possible. Bomb tower is dangerous for the hogs, take it out first or last so it doesn’t make big problems. [

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    Thanks for the taturial!


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