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Hybrid Guide

Hybrid Guide

# Hybrid Guide


Hybrid takes practice

Hybrid is flexible

Queen charge for pathing

Use blimp or siege barracks (usually)

Have a plan

Hybrid has been one of the most effective attacks within CoC for a while now. It’s powerful from th10 all the way up to th14. In addition, it is easy to learn, and reasonably quick to get pretty good at. For these reasons, I would recommend it as the No.1 attack to learn as a player in clash of clans.

## Hybrid In General: The Basic Ideas

Every attack will be different, but there are some basic ideas that carry through across all town hall levels. These basic ideas will give you a great starting point to build on.

## Hybrid Planning

All hybrids use a queen charge. These are used in order to remove a significant portion of the base. Although key values are important for a queen charge, one of the benefits of hybrids is that there are *no exact key values you need in order to have success.* That’s right, unlike pretty much any other attack, you can queen charge pretty much whatever you want. But there’s a few rules:

1. You will almost always want a clan castle pull. Ok, I said that there’s no exact key values you need to get, and that’s still true, but it’s very, very helpful to pull the clan castle. This is usually easy to do, in today’s meta you can usually
1. Pull with the queen itself
2. Pull with a yeti blimp
3. Pull with one hog (for easy to access ccs)
4. The cc pull will eliminate risk from your attack, and is almost always an easy thing to get, especially at lower town hall levels. Not all clan castles will trip up your hybrid, but some will.
2. Pathing. Pathing is the no.1 priority on a hybrid attack. Nothing is as important to a hybrid attack as clean, skinny pathing for the hogs+miners. Think of the base in four quadrants. With your queen, you want to remove at least one quadrant. Example is coming, so don’t worry if you don’t quite get it yet.

### Ok, those are some musts, but what else is good to get?

1. Town Hall (th12,13,14 ONLY). Taking down a weaponized town hall can be very valuable. Although the bomb can be wardened through quite easily at th12 and 13, it’s very nice to have the town hall down beforehand, and save the warden for some eagle shots.
2. Scatters, Multis, and Eagle — These are good value for a queen, but in most cases won’t be your main target with the queen charge.
3. Singles– Singles are relatively simple to hybrid through, and should be deterrents from queen charges. When dealing with singles, you will most likely need a freeze or two, and mistakes can happen and ruin an attack. Possible to deal with for sure, but not something to seek out with the queen

### King Deployment: where to use him?

1. The king has basically one use in hybrid: to funnel. Almost always, use him to funnel one side of the hybrid, using the queen charge to funnel the other. This makes hybrid a pretty forgiving attack for those with underleveled kings, as you don’t really need him to take a key value or tank for very long. He is best at clearing one layer of trash along the very edge of the base quickly and effectively.

### What siege to use?

Here I will go through all five sieges and their merits.

1. Wall Wrecker: very rare to use, would not recommend until you are at a level to get really experimental.
2. Battle Blimp: Increasingly strong pick, especially at th13 and th14. Two ways to use it.
1. Most often a blimp will fly in to clear a single compartment early in the attack with yetis. This will help with either queen or hybrid pathing. It is also often helpful to blimp an area with direct access to a cc pull, and once the yetis die, the cc will head on over to your queen.
2. Another way to use a blimp is to fly it over the hybrid in the middle of the attack, shielding it with a warden ability in order to get a center town hall. This works great against ring bases, but you will need a good deal of practice to get the warden timing right, and please please please don’t send your blimp into a sweeper. Note: Blimping the town hall is increasingly strong at th14, where the poison effect shreds hybrid.
3. Stone Slammer: Not really used with hybrid. Fun siege, but would not recommend.
4. Siege Barracks: The most common siege at th10+11, also very common at th12+. This is used in conjunction with the king to get the cleanest funnel ever. In a war hit, you will want to fill this with hogs, so that they will sweep in as part of a second wave of the attack.
5. Log Launcher: Spicy choice, wouldn’t recommend for most beginners. Only ever really used for massive queen charges that will take a whole lot of practice to pull off.

### How to deploy the hybrid

1. Once you’ve gotten what you wanted with the queen charge (or you’re running out of time), it’s time to start the hybrid.
2. Deploying hybrid is very simple. First, place the miners (two or three fingers to spread them out works best). Then, place the warden (if applicable). Then, place the hogs (same deployment as miners). After that, place the RC. The RC will usually go with the hybrid, unless there is a very specific use for her elsewhere. Again, hybrid is flexible!
3. Once your hybrid is on the ground, get ready to place some heals. Heals are the main lifeline of your hybrid, messing up heal placement is one of the biggest issues beginners face.
1. Place heals to help the hybrid power through splash defenses. This includes: multis, scatters, some xbow farms, and some tesla farms. Keep track of how many heals you will have, and when planning, have a pretty good idea of where you want to place them. In war hits, you have the time to think about where the troops will most likely need a heal. Often, you will just need to drop heals when you see the red on the health bar, but it’s a good idea to think about it beforehand.
2. Spells don’t change troop pathing. This seems obvious, but a big issue I had. If your hybrid is just ignoring that one building, putting a heal near it won’t change where the hybrid is going. Put heals where the troops will go, not where you want them to go
3. Healing through the eagle — it probably won’t work. The eagle absolutely wrecks hybrids. It wrecks miners when they’re above ground, and it wrecks hogs. A heal won’t really do much, you have to use other techniques to deal with the eagle. This includes taking out the eagle with a queen charge, starting directly on the eagle, or using the warden ability through the eagle.

### Hybrid In Legends

So maybe you like hybrid in war, is it worth giving it a go in legends? Answer: Kinda. The legends meta right now is pretty darn toxic, from teasers to stacked cores to ring bases. Hybrid in legends is definitely an option, but probably not my first choice. If you want to try, I would recommend bringing three super wall breakers, a lot of coco balloons, and have both a blimp and siege barracks ready to use. Use yetis in the cc. I won’t go super far into legends hitting tips, but with thirty seconds to plan, just go for the best pathing you can. Ideally, queen charge the town hall. Mostly, legends will just take practice, and now definitely isn’t the best time to start pushing with hybrid.

### Examples:

Below is an example on my baby th13 for a little bit of a general overview of what my thought process is.

Step One: Look at the base lol

Step Two: Rough Sketch of pathing

Here I have one quadrant sectioned off for my queen, which I like because I can get the town hall, the cc pull, and two multis! Plus then I can hybrid right through the eagle. I like it.

Step Three: Evaluate queen charge: will it work?

Hmm… looks like the defender (spoiler its me lol) doesn’t want us to queen charge there. Look at those little dead zones. They’ll make it really hard to queen charge into the multis from the town hall. And if I dont get a good wallbreak, my queen is going to go who knows where.

Step Four: Add finer details to plan

In this case, I think I’m going to yeti blimp the town hall, and then queen charge right into that outer multi. I’ll bring a few wall breakers, but even if I don’t get that long wall open, I’ve already gotten some good pathing!

Step Five: Identify Hybrid Pathing

No new picture needed here, I’m just taking a look at what the hybrid through this base looks like. I do notice that the base is really spread out right at 2 o’clock, my miners might split up. However, I’m not too worried about this because there isn’t much of a backend left for my hybrid.

Step Six: Identify Army composition

Ratio of hogs/miners is mostly up to personal preference, usually I go a little bit heavier on the miners. I want three super wall breakers to give my queen the best shot of breaking way deep into that core. And then of course all of the extras, like healers, some cleanup, and around 5 loons for coco tanking and various defense sniping. I also want my standard funneling troops for queen: one baby dragon and one yeti. For spells, I’m thinking three rage (one is from cc), two heals, two freeze, and one poison. I like bringing the two freezes because even though I’m not queen charging through a single, they might be useful to protect from a scatter at some point.

Step Seven: Attack!!! Give it a go, and see what happens. If you have a good plan, after a little bit of practice, your hit rate will go through the roof. You got this!

Congrats on reading this far, I hope this helped at least somewhat, I know it’s not perfect — please leave comments telling me what I could have done better! Big shoutout to u/rt250 ‘s lalo guide… gave me the inspiration to do this. Still can’t lalo tho lmfao

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