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i saw a post by [u/yellowblueporcupine]( earlier today about hybrid guide and thought i will add to it and go over how to hybrid common base types.

1)Starting with island bases

[the all common island infernos base with core townhall](


[U take out 1 inferno tower with 4-5 hogs and 1 freeze. 1 hog to pull cc](

* Charge queen into eagle
* hybrid through other inf tower on that side with king to funnel outside
* yeti blimp for townhall (under warden ability send over hybrid) with rage to take it down then heal whenever needed.

2)TEASER base type 1

[heros townhall and cc reachable with queen charge](


* drop a rage in the corner 12 oc(o’clock) then drop your queen and healer into the rage spell with 1 loon for airmines
* use as many rages and freeze as u need (usually takes 2 rages and 2 freeze if it a hard cc)
* now if the cc is outside u can use 5 snekies to take it or use a early poison and freeze with rage to kill cc
* then use your king and sb at 3 or 9 oc corners and hybrid in between queen and king sb

3) teaser base type 2

[teaser base with non walkable townhall / xbow farm around townhall](


* Queen charge the eagle and inferno at 9
* here u need 3 wall breaks 1st to break queen into single 2nd break queen into eagle 3^(rd) break queen into core for cc
* king at the corner
* hybrid in between and blimp over them under warden tomb for townhall
* heal near enemy heroes on xbows and giant bomb at 3 oc corner

4)RING base with isolated solo townhall


* Queen charge 1 corner of base to kill cc with 2 wbs
* king on the opp side where queen charged
* hybrid in between along with blimp for townhall

5) island base with townhall covered by heavy defences

[at higer townhalls townhall is also protected by 3rd multi at th 12 and scatters at th 13](


* FOR TH 11 u can just qc cc then hybrid around base staring into eagle and xbow section and blimp for townhall
* FOR Th 12 and 13
* use a hog to pull cc and start qc at corner funnel queen into xbow section
* king and sb (rc at th13 )on the other side of core
* hybrid straight to the core

thanks for reading

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