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Are mass hogs a decent attack “strategy” at th7?

Are mass hogs a decent attack “strategy” at th7?

I’m kinda hesitant to use mass drags because I feel like they’re going to get destroyed by air defenses lol, are mass hogs a good strategy?

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  1. sp00kypork

    Yes if you take out cc before deploying them.

    Mass dragons is still more powerful though

  2. The_Bold_One1234

    Your drags aren’t going to get destroyed by air defences, if you use rages or zaps

    But yes, hogs are viable, so long as you lure and kill the CC and enemy king

  3. Ok-Championship-8082

    TH7 the only attacks you need are 4 balloons and the rest dragons. Get high level loons in CC. All rage spells. Usually the defense will have a triangle of air defenses. Drop on the side that has the 2. First drop 2 dragons wide. So to tunnel the rest in. Spam in the middle and deploy normal loons behind. Rage dragons right when the air defenses are going off, make sure you rage over defensive towers. Then after 2 out of 3 air defenses are down. Drop CC loons as close to the last ad as possible and rage the remaining dragons that are either 1.) on townhall
    Or 2.) close to last air defense. Should be able to 3* any th7. I promise you can even loot th8s that are under leveled. This strat helped me completely max my th7 start to finish, even tho dragons are pricey you’ll make upwards of 250k every battle easily.

  4. Alabama-Getaway

    Yes, lure and kill cc. Heals and cc hogs. Learn hogs, you’ll be a better attacker at th8,9, etc. dragon spam is less effective.

  5. ByWillAlone

    Not as reliable as mass drags, and since dark elixir is a bottleneck at TH7, not as profitable either, but they are viable against a lot of layouts at TH7 if you have leveled up hogs and heal.


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