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Advice on upgrading to TH14

Advice on upgrading to TH14

Hi, i am a mid TH13. My Queen75, GW40, RC19 & BK50. all major defenses are maxed except Canons, 3 Archer towers, 5 wizard towers, traps and bombs. I am eager to upgrade to TH14 and start working on pets, so i want to know if its ok moving to TH14.

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  1. Nic8318

    Thats not even a mid th13. Thats a rushed th13. Max all your heroes before moving on. But thats imo. Play the game however you like. If you feel like u have done everything u needed to do move on to th14

  2. Cynosia

    What about your laboratory? Are all the troops upgraded?

  3. Alabama-Getaway

    Just go. The only reason to max is if you’re planning on competing in tournaments


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