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A question

A question

Hey everyone! Have a question for yall. I have really strict parents and they only let me play for one hour on weekends. However, im one of the top in my clan and they need me for wars and cwl. If i am attacking a base in war or a regular attack and i put down all my units including heroes spells etc will the AI automatically run if i close the application without ending the battle. So lets say i attack a war base and put all my troops down. Can i just close the application and let the troop AI run on its own and the attack will automatically register or do i need to be on the app for the entire duration of the attack for it to register.

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  1. Gold-Appointment-534

    u play for an hour a week and ur top of the clan? hm.

  2. ThrowawayAccount031

    It will register

  3. Secret-Yogurt-3315

    it will finish for you and will not stop the battle

  4. Jesus_died_for_u

    The AI will finish the attack.

  5. sp00kypork

    So is there no way you could use a cheap burner phone or do they go all out and disconnect the wifi?


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