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A different Game Pass suggestion

A different Game Pass suggestion

Didn’t know where else to put this. Hopefully I got the flair right. Couldn’t see a “suggestions/ideas” flair? Sorry, I’m more familiar with forums but thought I’d post this here. So…

Like most that get the Gold Pass, I really appreciate it. Especially the One Gem donations. By far it seems the best feature tho obviously all the other perks/magic items are great too!

But I can never think to take a break from the Gold Pass because I would lose one gem donos. And then there are all the maxed players that likely don’t get the pass because, well, why would they pay 4.99 for just one feature?

What if we had a Donations Pass, say for 1.99, and it gave the one gem dono perk and nothing else?

Would those at higher levels buy those? I’m a 12 and although I’m not quite ready to stop getting the GP…I would love the option to buy a Donations Pass versus the regular pass…some of the times.

What do people think?

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  1. notyraytor

    1. I believe the correct flair for this is “Game Feedback”.

    2. Cool idea, but maybe 0.99? I feel like 1.99 is a bit much for one perk and nothing else.

  2. bot_yea

    I don’t buy GP, so I don’t have my own feedback. However I remember hearing the same idea from either my clanmates or here in this sub (or both). If a lot of players want this feature, then it could happen if it’s feasible for the game devs and a lot of players wish for it.


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