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Weird bases

Weird bases

Hey, so I have been playing COC for a while now and have a question. I have seen many many bases that clearly couldn’t be possible. Like TH8s with only one air defense or an TH11 with only one cannon. But the thing is that you need all buildings to upgrade your town hall but these guys have just way too less buildings but still could upgrade their town hall?? How?? I wanted to post some screenshots of them but I can’t upload them.

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  1. rollergoalie31

    you didn’t need all the buildings until th12 came out. also so many people post this, maybe look on here or on google.

  2. gfbuyerz

    Back in the day, you didn’t have to get all buildings to updgrade your town hall. It got changed when th 12 was released, I believe

  3. Lou_xf

    They were made before th12 got added they’re not possible to make anymore tho

  4. CoCchief

    So clearly you arent playing this game for a while… otherwise you would know the answer

  5. lrt2222

    Not only could you upgrade a hall without building all defenses in the past, there was even a time where you could sell back buildings.


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