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r/ClashOfClans May Award Winners

r/ClashOfClans May Award Winners

Here are the results of the [May Voting thread]( Congratulations are in order for:

u/DQ4443 take top honors for [Sunny’s Comprehensive Farming Guide – Easily take your hourly farming average to 25mil! [Updated to pre TH14]](

/u/DQ4443 also takes 2nd place for [Builder Base Made Simple – Path to 6K for Lazy Clashers :D](

/u/davidhlc_ is the final winner this month for – [TH9-11: The Transition Stages of CoC (Guide)](

Also we want to recognize the top post of the month with reddit gold – u/Obxev had the post you all liked the most – [ah jeez](

These and all future winners will be [immortalized in a wiki page]( to recognize their contributions to the sub. Link in the sidebar as well.

MASSIVE THANKS to all who created this great content, as well those of you who nominated posts and help choose winners. Keep an eye out for those helpful posts this month and [shoot us a mod mail]( at any time to make sure they’ll be nominated next month.

Finally if there is any feedback on ways we could better run this program, go ahead and let us know below.

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  1. CongressmanCoolRick

    /u/DQ4443 /u/davidhlc_ and /u/Obxev you’ll receive congratulations messages and reddit awards shortly, thanks for the great content!


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