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What troops in clan castle?

What troops in clan castle?

Our clan is in the first clan war league and I’m number 2, so I’m going to be donating a lot. I was wondering what the best troops would be? We have th6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.
Thanks in advance! I’m pretty newbie in this since I’m not used to being one of the strongest of the clan

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  1. MasterpieceTrue520

    If anyone in your clan has super minions they are super useful, and also witches……

    For an average 35 space castle we go half 2 superminions, 1 baby dragon 1 archer……

    And the other half 2 witches, 1 baby dragon, 1 archer…

    Making sure each castle hasn’t all got the same is also wise that’s why we go half super minions half witches

  2. The_Bold_One1234

    Watch Judo Sloth’s vid

  3. Alabama-Getaway

    Baby dragons, witches, valks. Or just baby drags and archers.

  4. LEGO_BrickfilmsYT

    I never donate the same things to people so they don’t expect what is in there. Troops I like witches icegolems archers wizards babydragons valkyries. (headhunters too but you don’y have them yet)

  5. Schuckman

    Any combination of witch, ice golem, headhunter, baby dragon, super minion or inferno dragon will be decent

    You could also use a hound to stop queen charges


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