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Supercell support isnt the same across all accounts?

Supercell support isnt the same across all accounts?

[This was taken on my TH8 account. I have never spent any money on this account. The \”Supercell ID\” option gives me only these two options. ](

[This was taken on my TH11 account. I have spent quite a bit of money on this account. The \”Supercell ID\” option gives me the same two options, but with a \”Talk to a Support Agent\” option as well. ](

First of all, please forgive me for this post if it’s already been discussed somewhere. I think it might have but I searched and nothing recent appeared.

Recently, my friend was trying to contact Supercell Support because they had lost access to their account and they didn’t have much success, which made me decide to look into how the Supercell support system actually worked. On my main account where I have spent money (TH11), I had the option to “Talk to a Support Agent”, but when I hopped over to my alt (TH8) where I haven’t spent anything, I don’t get the option. I tried this several times, and each time, the TH11 had the option to talk to the support agent but the TH8 did not.

Besides that, whenever you go to the Help and Support tab in game settings, the contact us form on the homepage doesn’t allow the option to speak at all, not even to the OTTO bot. But if you go into a submenu, the option appears. I’m willing to pass that off as an oversight/bug but for the first problem I can’t see how that’s not intentional.

What’s the deal here?

I’m not trying to jump to conclusions, but I am genuinely curious because I have no idea why all accounts don’t get the same options 100% of the time.


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    I’m glad that someone pointed this out, I am having the exact same problem as you

  2. Alabama-Getaway

    I don’t think this is a secret. It’s been pointed out a few times. If you spend money you have access to a live person. If not, it’s not available. I’m sure SC will say it’s random chance, or something else, and there is no way to prove it.


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