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So i got this mismatch as a th11… does anyone have a Strategy to 3 star this?

So i got this mismatch as a th11… does anyone have a Strategy to 3 star this?

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  1. 4stGump

    Probably wouldn’t go for the three star to be honest. You could try some form of hog/miners with a queen walk for the TH, but the queen walk would be severely hampered due to that core around the TH being maxed for a TH12.

    If you certainly want to try for the 3, then hog/miners. Similar to the TH12/TH13 version. Walk the queen from 6 towards the TH into that compartment, then start your hog/miners from around the 7/8 o’clock with a siege barrack at the 9. It theoretically should push the core of the troops to the higher infernos/eagle which are your biggest threats. Heal as necessary.

    The downside to this is again the queen walk. Taking down the xbows, max TH, and CC is where you will most likely fail on the attack. Best bet is to go for the 2 to be safe.

  2. Alabama-Getaway

    Blimp the Th. Get per cent. 2 stars

  3. AlKinorthay

    Maybe yeti blimp with rage on the th compartment. Sui or Queen charge the enemy queen (though probably qc because of the cc). Then lalo the rest of the base. Bring a heal for those multis. Could work but idk.
    Or go for a big queen charge at 10, pushing through the multi and jumping for the queen, multi, eagle and cc. Blimp th. Lalo the rest?


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