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CWL matchmaking system explained

CWL matchmaking system explained

*Making this post as to avoid posts about CWL rants and questions as to why you’re up against a stronger clan*

*I know this is in the wiki, but since ppl can’t be bothered to read it, I made a post about it*

Basically, there is no matchmaking in CWL. It’s based **only** on the league you’re in.

If you’re in Silver 1 for example, you’re going to be matched up against other clans in Silver 1, regardless of their actual strength, as oposed to regular wars, where the game tries to make as even a playing field as possible

Based off of your own strength, you’re going to get promoted, demoted or stay in your own league until you can win about 50 % of the daily wars.

And naturally, as you move up or down, you’re going to find tougher or weaker clans, respectively, and to keep going higher, you have to have stronger and more active players, to score more stars, then win more wars, etc

A common question is whether to do 15×15 or 30×30 CWL wars. I prefer to do 15×15 ones, as you can always rotate your roster and can have the top 15 players, which will help with the league-based matchmaking of CWL.

So, don’t get frustrated if you get put up against a stronger clan; many many more people are also doing the same exact thing, and eventually it will be your turn to get an easy war too.

The wiki has explanations on how to distribute the bonuses, as well as what I just covered, both of which you should have already read.

Hope to have helped!

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  1. dracula3811

    How different clans do bonuses is interesting. I know some who do rotations. We do a merit based balance between most stars and strength of attack. I personally opt out of bonuses for my main. Missing attacks means no bonuses too.

    Its also amusing to see people getting downvoted for explaining the “matchmaking”.


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