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What to do with the free builder th 11?

What to do with the free builder th 11?

I am new to TH 11. I am finished the lab, clan castle, Grand warden, and all of the new defenses. I just upgraded and on a boost I will have a builder available soon. Right now I am trying to take advantage of the 1 gem event. I currently have 2 builders upgrading army barracks, 1 on upgrading army camps, and one building the new x-bow. The 5th builder is finishing up the Barbarian King. I want to keep the BK active with blthe boost for Clan War Leagues. I am fully stock with Dark Elixer so I cannot finish anymore season challenges for 6 days. Should I use the free builder to start the Dark Barracks to unlock the Ice Golem, start a new camp, upgrade a third Army Barracks, or upgrade the spell factory to unlock the I viability spell.? I don’t want to start building the Eagle Artillery yet. I also have enough medals to unlock a hammer of building. However, I plan to use it on the spell factory because playing without spells sucks. Any suggestions about what to do with the free builder? Right now I am leaning towards using him to upgrade the Dark Barracks.

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  1. Flare_Blitzz

    Use the Free Builder to upgrade walls. Keep looting and dump it in walls.

  2. rollergoalie31

    do the camp, they are really important (more important than a lvl1 ice golem). if you have a book, use that on the spell factory instead since it’s cheap to upgrade. i would recommend using the medals on a hammer of heroes (to get another level before leagues) or a hammer in the lab since the lab takes the longest

  3. Alabama-Getaway

    Army camps

  4. inflamito

    I wouldn’t use a hammer on the spell factory. You can still farm with super barbs if your spell factory is under upgrade. Just upgrade barbarians one level and then do the spell factory later. They steal a lot of loot and get 50% even without spells. Use your medals on hammer of fighting instead, preferably a dark elixir troop like witches. Lab takes the longest so that’s where you’ll get the most value out of your medals.

    Personally, I used ice golems a LOT at th11. My favorite attack was 5 icy G, so I concentrated on upgrading ice golems, witches, bowlers, bats and freeze. So I’d try to upgrade dark barracks after army camps.


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